To maintain good oral health, optimize your comfort and meet your aesthetic requirements, here are some tips from your denturist for regular maintenance of your partial denture, complete or prosthesis overlay implants.

Gently brush your prosthesis after each meal. Pay attention to the interdental spaces and places where your gums touch.

Use a soft bristle brush that allows you to reach every nook and cranny of your prosthesis. You can use a gel, a non-abrasive paste, or just a mild soap, for easy cleaning.

Before putting it back in the mouth or soaking it, always rinse your dental prosthesis thoroughly, under a clear and warm water. It is recommended to rinse your mouth frequently to get rid of bacteria that abound. Your breath will keep more freshness.

Remember that salt water has a significant therapeutic effect.

Prolonged exposure of your prosthesis in the open air can discolor it and dry the acrylic, making it more fragile. When you remove it for the night, store the prosthesis in a closed container filled with warm water.

Inexpensive step achieved in a few minutes, polishing is recommended on the basis of 1 to 2 times a year.